USAA - said "There is nothing we can do for you" $20,000 issue

USAA has been my bank of choice for so many years for so many reason but I was greatly disappointed in hearing that all of the of the USAA Financial Centers in my area Camp Pendleton/ San Diego. I mean really there is Camp Pendleton, MCAS Miramar, the Marine Corps Recruit Depot, and numerous reserve stations in the immediate area, does USAA not value the business of these Military members.  


This has resulted in a possbile $20,000 issue for me. There is no Financial Center for me to go to deposit $19,000 so I was forced to deposit it electronically via mobile deposit. This resulted in a a hold of $9,000 of the $19,000. When I called USAA indicating that I have a pending payment of $20,000 that will hit my account they told me that there was nothing that they could do, but to have the $20,000 payment bounce and then I woudl be accessed a NSF fee, and have to explain to the company that "the funds are there but not there". This is absoultely unsatisfactory and unacceptable for a bank who boast to be committed to serving the Military and maintain our business. This is the first time that I have considered cancelling my accounts and moving to another bank; Direct Deposit, Checking, Savings, Home Owners Insurance, Renters Insurance, Car Insurance, Credit Card and more. 




jdswain81, thanks for your feedback regarding your deposits. Holds are placed on deposits that are not direct deposits/electronic incoming or wire transfers. The method of deposit does not carry any weight on holds. Please note that funds take a few days to actually reach us, from the time you deposit, it is not immediate. Even if it is showing as cleared from the funding bank, we do not receive the actual funds for a few days. Additionally, to help prevent any negative impact, when using our mobile app to deposit, any amounts that are subject to holds is displayed before finalizing and submitting your authorization to continue with the deposit. This allows you the opportunity to cancel if the amount on hold would impact you in any way. Thank you for allowing us to explain our holds. ~Jen