I'm very disappointed in USAA's decision to funnel it's members' money into leftwing political organizations under the guise of "racial justice." Instead of giving a $50 million rebate to its members or simply lowering their rates, they instead decided to favor certain leftwing groups that promote the idea that America is a rascist country and that white people, in particular, are inherantly rascist. USAA should stay out of these political issues and focus on providing the best products and the best service at the best prices.


I've been attempting for months to "have a conversation" with USAA about exactly what you wrote, only to learn that it's deeper than you think. I was directly told that USAA unequivocally supports BLM and that they are absolutely committed to the "fight against racial injustice." Of course they never actually define "racial" or "injustice," rather they have a new CEO (the first with no military service) who makes $5 million a year and uses USAA to assuage his white privilege without having to actually do anything himself. That BLM is inherently a hateful elitist organization that works to the detriment of black Americans is not a concern to USAA, because it's all about wealthy and privileged people feeling good about themselves.

Where is your PROOF

USAA has now become a "woke" corp just like Wells Fargo, Bank America, etc..


In 2021 it is fashionable to be "woke" and these corps, much like our government, have now decided to make executive decisions flaunting their "wokeness".  The guilded sages and MBA's at USAA HQ have thrown down the gauntlet with the Marxists, socialists, and global movers and shakers.


Before long USAA will require proof of the Covid 19 vaccination to even log into our own money. /s

Hello @n8tureboyI understand the seriousness of the situation. I have located your information and will engage a specialist to review the details. Thank you for speaking up today. ~Sarah