I use to think that USAA was synonomous with the "Supporting our Active Duty or Retired Military" phrase.  Lately it seems however USAA prices are not much better (and in many cases higher) than other companies providing similar life insurance products.  I just did a cross-check quote of USAA (just specific to Life Insurance coverage and premiums) and almost went into heart failure looking at the costs. 


In reality, I guess there's no way to know for certain which company / plans are best (until someone has collected the life insurance money....and that won't help me now...lol).  All I know for now is USAA's quoted premium (for non-smoker) was significantly higher than ASMBA's life insurance plan.  I do realize the quoted amounts may change (once USAA and competing companies) require a medical physical for anyone over age 50 (premium costs could be more or could be less); however, they are just too high PERIOD.  I can get similiar coverage and pay similar (or lower) premium costs with other companies.  So, remind me why I am still staying with USAA Auto Insurance coverage (can get similar coverage and pay similar pricing with other auto insurance providers).  Maybe I'm missing the big picture, but I'm am not happy with this.  Where is the benefit for being a USAA member now?