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After a recent credit card declination, I received the decision letter from USAA which showed my credit score as 811, however, my score shown on USAA's free credit score monitoring shows my credit score as 831.  Why is there such a disconnect and why isn't USAA using the credit score they are providing to their members for financial decisions?  This is concerning because either USAA is inflating these FICO numbers to their customers to encourage them to apply for loans/credit OR the free credit score is completely worthless because USAA is not using it.  I completely understand that the FICO score from Experian could differ slightly from Equifax or TransUnion, but not 20+ points.  Could someone from USAA please explain?



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USAA stopped caring about its members a long time ago. That is why they give an Experian score for credit monitoring, then turn around and use Equifax to judge our creditworthiness. USAA paid and free credit moitoring does a disservice to anyone member trying to get an accurate score before waisting an inquiry to apply for credit.

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We appreciate the feedback about the credit monitoring service vs what is used to determine a members creditworthiness. Your feedback will be reviewed further. Thanks for sharing. 

After USAA review, then what?

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After USAA review, then what?

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