USAA's Financial Readiness Score? ...not impressed

I just took the time to input my data into USAA's financial readiness score calucator. I can't say that I am very impressed.  What about the vaule of my military retirement?  What about the valuse of my GI bill transfer to my children? What about SGLI?  No opportutniy to input the value of these benefits. A good tool would caluate these beneftis based on rank and years of service.

50% of the final score is insurance. I may be jaded, but is seems like USAA is using this tool as a means to get us to buy more insureance rather than help us paint an accurate picture of our financial situation.


Excellent questions that you have raised. I agree the existing tool that USAA uses appears to be just a low level, civilian based, from a third party vendor. The USAA tool does NOT support all the military activity we have nor the retired. Best suggestion is for USAA to scrap the existing tool.

Thank you both for your feedback. Sorry to hear that this tool is not helpful to you. I will be passing along this feedback to the appropriate person. Thank you both for your comment in community.