USAA ruining members’ credit rating thru its ineptitude

I see on the member bozard mention that erroneous reports by USAA to 3d parfty credit bureaus that different type accounts were closed "at grantor's request".  That means some "grantor" (usaa) decided the person defaulted on a bill, or did something else wrong; this laztest reporft dropped my credit score by 14 points.  Some are credit card accounts; some are secured loans; and some are....well, the list can go on.  USAA can't seem to do basic bookkeeping, any more, nor do simple math.  I justy received my second "hit" on my crfedit report.  According to Experian, USAA reported they closed a secured account for no styated reason; clearly .listed it as my loan for my 2018 Keyustone Montana camper. Experian's own tabs show the account is paid, up to date, and no late payments. Multiple calls over two days resulted in USAA admitting the "problem" of misreporting account status; a "group" investigating the problem; that they will straighten this out; and put me on a list of people affected.  They'll call me.  The representative said "you're lucky your credit score is so likely won't be hurt because of this".  Dumb on dumb!  What if my original score was 500, not 850?  Well...was 850....but USAA has been whittling that down by mis-reports for months.  My score even dropped last year when I pzaid off my truck loan two years early.  A score should drop only if you open a loan, close accounts, open new credit cards, miss payments, etc.  NOT BECAUSE YOU PAID OFF A LOAN....for which USAA had to return money for overpayment.  Bottom line: USAA.....get your act together; and members....let's put pressure on USAA management to make them do so, before they dedstroy our individual finances.  Out!