USAA paid an ACH of $4480.00 when I only had a balance of $600.00


Lesson # 1: NEVER activate overdraft protection on your checking account, and NEVER EVER have overdraft protection linked to your credit card.

In this particular case it appears that when USAA’s overdraft protection kicks in, their computer system does not recognize the limit on the credit card, the system just adds the entire overdraft balance to the credit card. Banks like this because it allows them to collect their fees and high interest rates but it can cause major problems in cases of fraudulent activity. I was unaware of this situation until your issue arose.

USAA should have immediately raised the limit on your credit card far enough to allow you to pay your pending bills. Then once the overdrafted money was returned back to your USAA account from Amex you could have balanced everything out.

Also, track your credit score to make sure it wasn’t impacted. If it was have USAA correct it.

It is unfortunate that you had to go through all of this but as they say, experience is the best teacher.

Also, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is a U.S. government agency that makes sure banks, lenders, and other financial companies treat you fairly. Check out their website as well.

Good luck to you and keep in touch.

Hi Xanduur,

You can also search the National Association for Consumer Advocates who support Military Consumers and find a lawyer to review your case and Depository Agreement


The depository agreeement can be confusing around overdrafts, overdraft protection, ACH transfers and stop payments.


Even without overdraft protection enabled some banks will overdraft an account for certain types of transactions, including electronic ACH transfers, which they treat differently from 'one time' transactions, such as checks or ATM withdrawals.


It would be nice if USAA's system could better recognize overdraft protection cash advances and temporarily raise the credit limit if necessary, and/or stop the ACH payment in the first place.



I spoke with USAA this morning and I finally was able to suss out more information. They state that a stop payment takes three (3) days. I have never heard of that before and it has never taken three (3) days to stop a payment at BoA (twice). I got them to refund both NSF fees, but I could NOT get an answer as to why USAA didn't suggest a stop payment on the ACH from the beginning. I believe the answer is simple, they try to make profits off of their excessive fees. I know it does NOT cost the bank $29 to process a NSF. Pure profit for USAA.


I have gotten two (2) responses here from USAA and one (1) through My Documents on the website...all saying they are researching the problem, but NONE of them have taken the time to actually contact me regarding the issue. All I get are empty apologies when I call in. 


A whole year has gone on this horrible story.  


Does anyone have more details on what finally happened?