USAA not interested in supporting OFX or Quicken users

Yeah, I gave up on USAA with Quicken at least 4 years ago. I'm only here because I'm closing up some loose ends while switching off Quicken entirely, and remembered a couple mutual funds I share with my dad that I'd totally forgotten because they're not in Quicken. I think I'm gonna move those to my normal brokerage, because it actually works. USAA insurance is great. Their brokerage service leaves an awful lot to be desired. (Just to Like this and leave a reply I had to log in, then create a "community nickname" -- not using my actual name or username por favor -- verify my PIN, and then answer an identity challenge question. Soon my data will be safe, because it won't be there at all. Security, indeed!)

notmynameforsecurity- We regret hearing you feel this way but appreciate your feedback. Your feedback is a valuable tool to help us improve future service. Thanks for adding your voice to the conversation. - Jason

Re: brokerage


I use to pay $5.95 a trade. Usaa raised it in one step to $8.95, 50%, and they seem to be outsourcing the work to other firms. Competitive marketplace rates are around $5-6.00. So why am I still doing business there? I'm taking the question under advisement.

@ESN2, Good morning, We have received your message and will forward to the appropriate area to review. Additionally, our investment team is able to be contacted via phone at 210-531-8722 for your convenience. ~ Lori C. 

So, what 3rd party money programs do work? I've always wanted to set that up, but never could figure out somethign that would work.


I can program any number of public and private sector equipments, fix most mechanical things, guide a gaggle of IT people towards deploying a highly sophisticated web applciation, but my eyes usually start to bleed when Is tart to read about budget sna managing money.


And I sure as s*** won't use a silicon valley web service to talk to all of my accounts.  That's asking for my accounts to get drained. 

I am so glad I found this thread. I was about to transfer all of my major bank accounts to USAA banking, but stopped completely after discovering that USAA cannot seem to address the concerns in this thread.


Hello, USAA, it's almost 2019. Is this thread really four years old, and nothing has been done by USAA to address the issue, except sending boilerplate responses? At this point, your customers have done more to add clarity about the issue than anyone from your support teams. I mean, Shelton has practically handed you everything you need to get this fixed, and as far as I am concerned, deserves compensation for his or her efforts.


Shelton, your response warms my heart, as it addresses the systemic issues in so many information systems in general, let alone information security. Decades and trillions of dollars spent on technology by humans, and it all feels so very amateur, and I digress...

@nouseforaname, Thank you for sharing your concerns about OFX. Your feedback has been shared with the appropriate channel. ~DC

After 35 years with USAA I'm considering leaving. Seems they can't get this figured out. Yeah there are some risks with these data connections. But the risks of not using these data conections are greater.


I guess it's time to move to a real bank.

@Boogy Man, Thanks for taking the time to posting your feedback. We're sorry to see you go after 35 years. I will share your comments regarding this matter with our team. - Ben

Good to know, and glad I know this now.  No good reason why USAA is not getting with the program.  You cannot efficiently espouse financial and fiscal responsbility and effective management without using reasonable tools.  No technical or other excuse for USAA not providing a simple interface with these products.