So I do alot of buisness with making and receiving checks over a $1000 dollars. My issue with USAA is that their locations are USELESS. They cant cash a check. They can only direct you to an ATM. Which is fine, unless you have a cashiers check, from USAA, that you need cashed now. The atm takes days to clear a cashiers check, which is ubsurd. One time their ATM chewed up my check and it took weeks to get my funds. I call and discuss these issues with the representatives and they completely agree with me. Just wondering if anyone else has had similar issues with their being slim to no human interaction at usaa locations? It cant be just me....


Before one decides to deal with an online/telephone/e-mail/snail mail based bank, one should consider the advantages and disadvantages of such a bank. Some people would be happier and more comfortable with a nineteenth century style of banking and there is nothing wrong with that. The answer is to simply change banks. With USAA Fed Reserve we have been very happy with the bank not questioning our multiple changes of address, our Mastercard being used overseas for large purchases for weeks at a time, and favorable loan terms (before the Federal Reserve began its attack six year attack on savers). (Oh, yes, it is pronounced in American english as "ubsurd" but is spelled "absurd".)

Jessie L.M, 

We are so sorry to hear your frustrations. USAA has many options available to bank mobily. I have done so myself for over 20 years and never set foot in a location. Some members find it useful to also have an account at a local bank in their area. This is just advice from me, personally, as a USAA member myself. 

If there is anything that USAA can do to help you with the options that are available that may help your situation please don't hesitate to give a member services representative a call at 1-800-531-8722 or click here to provide us with additional detail and your member information. 

In-person banks are history. Take a picture of the check with your phone - deposit complete! I am able to do everything online with USAA and I love it. Both my college kids have debit cards and have never had a problem. Some banks charge you when you walk in and interact with a teller. I am also not aware of any brick and mortar banks that refund all your ATM fees. Sounds like you use ATMs a lot.

i TOTALLY agree with you!  another thing that makes it SO inconvenient is the fact that you can't locally deposit CASH anywhere - we'd have to drive two plus hours away to the nearest BIG city!


we just cancelled our auto policy because of another company offering military rates AND giving roadside assistance and rental reimbursements with NO extra charge!