USAA just deducted withholding tax from my checking account and they won't reverse it.


I've been a USAA customer for over 20 years. I just saw a withholding tax posted to my checking account yesterday. When I contacted USAA, they said it was because they didn't have a W9 on file for me. 1) I thought that would have been part of the paperwork when I first opened the account  2) why is USAA the only financial institution requesting this form now? 3) I don't think USAA did a good job at notifying its customers of the reasons why this is needed now or what the consequences would be if they didn't complete it, because had I known that they were going to start withholding taxes that are not due to be withheld, I can tell you that I wouldn't have gotten them the W9 immediately  4) they didn't provide a deadline for when withholding taxes were going to start being withheld  5) the communication on this was so poor and when I contacted Customer Service, all they did was read the W9 back to me. They couldn't provide a reason as to why it's just coming up now or what it's for exactly. The customer service at USAA has diminished immeasurably. Once I started seeing USAA commercials pop up everywhere, that's when I knew it was really bad - that and the outsourcing of customer service. I've never considered leaving USAA until now.



@CT2NC, We responded to your previous message moments ago. At that time, your concerns were elevated to the appropriate team. You may review that message at your convenience. Thank you. ~DC