USAA is refusing the Release of Certified funds

After being a member from birth in thanks to my mother, and of my own accord for 18 years, I went to the main branch at the Corporate Headquarters off of Mc Dermott Freeway to deposit a Cashier's Check in my account.  


When I made the deposit the teller had stated that these funds were to be made immediately available, which I had expected as these are certified funds.  Today however I found that they are refusing to release my funds, making me delinquent on many financial obligations I had made AFTER being told I would have the available funds.  


When I called into the branch and spoke with Michael at 1:27 pm central, I was advised a manager would call me back by the end of business today. Which is outrageous that they are unable to take escalation calls at the time fo the call in the first place.  That point aside, when I wrote in to check on my call back request, I was advised that I would actually get a call within 24 hours, and not by end of business today.


This marks the SECOND time I was mislead. 


The holding of these certified funds is in direct violation of Federal Reg CC. Specificially subsection 229.10.  I made my deposit of a CERTIFIED check, IN Person at the branch. At the VERY least, my funds should be available TODAY the NEXT business day. 




@CalSan Antonio, I can see you're upset with he deposit hold on your cashiers check. I've located your USAA profile and will engage a banking expert to review your situation further. Please allow sufficient time for completion of their review and we will follow up with you. - Ben

Your experience is typical of USAA today. A ghost of what the company used to be. General McDermott would roll over in his grave to see what has become of his company. Sorry.

Always, I repeat always wait to see it for yourself before committing to paying other commitments. I agree with all your gripes, but #1 rule, trust, but verify. I do think that USAA should pay any late fees considering that you told the member that his funds would be available immediately.