USAA is doing very little to help its customers other that kicking the can down the road a couple month and then slamming us with fees.

It seems like USAA is doing very little to help out folks that are running into hard times with the exception fo deferriong payments that will need to be paid later one with outlandishing late fees. So you skip a month or two of payments and then you owe three payments at one time with late and changes fee in which we will as normal people never be able to make up unless we starve our familys and seel everything we own to make them richer. HOw much have your CEO's and CFO have really sacrificed along with normal hard working americans, the answer none, I am sure you have had you hands out to take federal money so that your over inflated salary and boneses get paid while you work on evicting everyday americans, and will make it impssoilbe for them to stay in their homes. Its a travestly, jsut remevmer you pencial neck scammer cant hide foreever and unlike last time we wont turn a blind eye and you will be held accountable, so enjoy your riches, champaine and fillet mignone becase one day I will be standing there to  shove it done you throat. A fair deal would be nice, but your kind is so greedy, you only listend to one thing. money !!! I hope you choke on it.......... Fore close my home, i dont really give a care.


@Feed Up for 2020, we appreciate the time you've taken to share your concerns and feedback with us regarding the support and assistance being offered to our members during this unforeseen time. We understand some members may be facing financial difficulty and we are here to help. Your concerns are important to us and will be sent to the appropriate team for further review. Thank you. - Rhonda 

I agree,


  Also, it's been two weeks since the press release stating that we would get 20% off 2 months I just got my statement for May and I have don't see credit yet.  

Don't expect the CEO to take a cut to his $5,000,000.00/year salary.  And BTW, he gets that much or more next year.