USAA is about to lose a long-time customer. Stay out of politics, and just do your job.

I've been with USAA for almost 20 years, if not more.  Everything from insurance to house purchase has gone through USAA.  Lately, they seem to have utterly forgotten what their job is.  Their customer service is getting worse by every measure, and yet they have time to force divisive politics on us upon logging in?  


How about you stay out of politics and try improving what used to be the reason people banked with USAA?  The overwhelming garbage poltics are EVERYWHERE now.   It's inescapable.  You can't watch a movie without politics being shoved in your face.  Literally every social media site.  Commercials on TV.  It's everywhere, and it's disgusting. 


One more political post and we're done.  We'll switch to another credit union that puts its effort into actually taking care of the customers instead of getting involved in politics.


I totally agree with Blacksnake.  No matter what side of the political spectrum you are on you are constantly bombarded with political garbage.  Six years ago USAA was my one financial go to place.  All of my banking and insurance was at USAA.  Now the only thing that remains is auto insurance.  Wake up USAA, concentrate on your mission, forget the political garbage and stop all advertising.

49 year member who might not make 50.

I am with you. Our country is being destroyed and big companies are complicit. Do your job and leave divisive politics out of it. I cant even figure out how to get to my account without having to wade through all this leftist propaganda.


I have to agree with the othe posters.  I logged on to my USAA account this morning or so I thought.  Instead, I was transferred to a social virtue signaling portal.  All I wanted to see was my banking and insurance information.  I can't see any way to access those accounts, short of clicking through unsolicited pages designed ward off potential law suits or calling for USAA help desk. This political campaign was ill-conceived and poorly executed.  You have one job, do it.  

I agree!! Less time on politics and more time on customers. While they are playing with politics they completely forget to update systems and train employees on the new Michigan Auto Reform Rates...