I deposited a check for $44k on 02.17.17 at their West Point N.Y atm / branch.I asked a representative at the call center about the prices of clearing my funds. I was advised that $5k will clear right away and the balance in a few days.This was NOT the case,they cleared $200 right away and then $4,800 on 02.16.17 and the balance on 02.17.17. Here is the huge issue; I booked a vacation on 02.15.17 to take the wife away to a warm island on 02.17.17 departing at 7 am. I purchased the airfare,reserved a rental car and purchased a television that cost $480. I woke up Thursday morning 02.16.17 to my account being locked and deactivated from the mobile app.I immediately called USAA to inquire on the issue.I was told that my account was flagged and an analyst was reviewing it for possible fraud. I verified my identity and all the particulars four different times throughout the day.I begged to have my account reactivated so I can go on my vacation.I went as far as a senior level and spoke to a supervisor named Sam.I got zero help and my money is still going to be frozen and I am left without a penny until Tuesday 02.21.17.USAA ruined my vacation I waited ten years to take and has left me and my family without a penny to eat to fuel our car to get arounaround on this long holiday weekend and all they can say is I am sorry nothing we can do..I will never ever do business with this company. All they had to do is call me and ask me about my account activities to confirm there is no fraud.I have never bounced a check not had my account negative or made any purchases that can seem like fraud. I suspect they are just holding my money as long as they can to gain interest for themselves on my money. shameful.I filed a complaint with New York dept of financial services..Be warned.

I also had a huge issue while away on Vacation in Punta Cana last year.I gassed up my rental car,bought some sodas and candy at thr hotel gift shop and withdrew $50 out of a atm in D.R.I went out to the night club with my wife outside the resort, I gave my card to open a bar tab. At about 3am,when it was time to go home,the bar attempted to charge my card and USAA blocked the $83 transaction. The night club refused to let us leave and come back with money that we had at the hotel. I had to leave my wife all alone in a foreign country while I drove a round trip 50 minutes to and from the hotel.Shameful and dangerous, all they had to do was call me.period.i will she this company.

G Coplin.


Don't you have a credit card to book your vacation.your just deposit the money and started to spend it right away.and deposit another 44k on 2/17/17.Go on vacation on that same day.
They used your money to pay off their debt.... that's why they put people money on hold.... They need your money to pay off other people then when they build back up their money they release your yours to you.....

Mara1986, thank you for your additional post. I received your first post and engaged the appropriate area to follow-up with you. Thank you. -Meredith