Unfortunately, there are some very negative posts in reference to USAA's service. I'm really sorry for everyone who's had negative experiences the USAA, but I have yet to be one of those people. I've been with USAA for over 20 years and this company is probably the most stable thing I've had throughout my entire career. I certainly do wish the had business accounts along with other perks, but they have done major things for me and my family over the years, so I can accept that loss. I usually recommend USAA to young Soldiers or even ones considering joining the military. I will continue to do so because although they given others trials, their good deeds tend to outweigh their bad.


No company is perfect, however, USAA has been a pleasure to do business with in my twenty years with them. USAA's customer service, in my experience, has been excellent too.

USAA's credit card interest rates are the lowest that I've seen anywhere and USAA's automobile insurance premiums are the lowest that I've found so far.

Go ahead and shop around; you'll be back.
I am in total agreement with you kgraves USAA has been a savior in my time of troubles and needs and I recommend them every chance I get. Plus the dividend check at the end of the year is a bonus as well.

Thank you all for your kind words. It is truly our pleasure to serve you three, and we hope you will not hesitate to reach out here in the community if there is ever anything you need! Thank you all for your membership!

I have been a member for 47 years and value my relationship with USAA.  Customer service has never been a question, and the representatives I have encountered over the years have delivered efficient, knowledgable, and caring service for all the insurance / banking / mortgage / and investment needs my family has required over this log period of time.  In my opinion this is an amazing company of which I'm proud to be a member.