I have secured credit card with usaa. I made a payment in full. I was under the impression once I made the payment my available credit limit would be back to its full amount. The next day after I made the payment I have a medical emergency happen. Dental at that. I was told I had to pay up front. So I whip out my usaa credit card to pay and it is declined. I call usaa to see if they received the payment and they said yes BUT, there is a 7 day hold on the payment. I explain what is happening and the usaa rep pretty much told me tough luck. Now the infection in my jaw is spreading. I went to the er tonight and the doctor said I need to get a oral surgeon right away. But, since I have no dental insurence I have to go through the dental school which requires the payment up front. I can't pay because I have my money to usaa to pay off my credit cars bill for a card that I use for emergency. Well my face is swelling and I scared that this only get worse. Thanks usaa for not caring about the people who serve you. All I need to do is pay OUDS 250 dollars to save my jaw and you have that money on hold. Thanks again for not caring.


POssibly,you could escalate the matter to a USAA supervisor, who could then actually verify the payment has been received and applied against your account.  Seems to me that USAA is a pretty well established financial agency (I'm also a new member), and that USAA could some how verify receipt of payment.  Now, if you paid by personal check, or money order, that could possibly hold up the actual credit on your account. 


And, also, it would seem that the oral surgeon would be willing to accept payment within 10 days of helping you.  Possibly find a more understanding dentist/oral surgeon.  This is a tough one.... but, don't give up!!!

Ahhh, the pain of learning to have some hard cash stashed in a drawer at home.  Also, a backup credit card, seldom used, would be a good tool in the box.