I put in a dispute for a double charge of an ACH payment. The payment was for $19,000. The second payment has depleted my bank account to -1,900. I filed the dispute with USAA. I’ve called three days in a row. Customer Service says it will take 10 days to review and issue a provisional credit. As of this morning, the case had t been assigned. I asked for a phone call back, haven’t received one. I have no way to buy food for my family. 20 year USAA member. They offered to send me to the loan department for a personal loan. All reps say is that the dispute department will get back to me in 10 days. I plan to take all of my accounts elsewhere once this is settled. I literally have no money and USAA doesn’t care. I asked why their system allowed a double payment to the same merchant on the same day. They didn’t have an answer.


@Balletgirl03, I can certainly understand how this could cause some challenges, especially with the payment being such a large amount. We appreciate your longtime membership, and we would hate to see you leave. I've submitted your information, along with details of your experience, to the appropriate team for review. Thank you for taking the time to post. ~Holland

@Balletgirl03, Unfortunately, they rarely do have a answer to these things--even when you go through the dispute process. I waited for a response to a dispute (change to my credit report for their credit card) four weeks until finally a later arrived. A few canned statements followed by--"everything reported to the credit agency was correct." Last year, I came across the  following is an excerpt from a Jan 3, 2019 Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Report. It said:


"USAA also didn’t have a procedure requiring that a reasonable investigation be conducted when a consumer notified them of a suspected error. CFPB noted that in numerous instances when the bank found no error, “a reasonable review of all relevant information within the bank’s own records would have resulted in a determination in favor of the consumer.”


Hope things work out for you.


Notet to USAA CSR: I know you send all comments to your SMEs, but I don't need to have someone send me IM about something that I'm commenting on. Obviously, this person's concern is by far more important to resolve that having someone take time to give me feedback about my comment.

After recently going through a similar experience, though not nearly as dramatic as yours, I've concluded USAA customer service reps listen to your situation/concerns, enter a few key words in their computer protocols, then regurgitate (in a soothing voice) whatever the screen told them to say. If the the problem is simple you might get a solution, but if there is any complexity at all you'll get unhelpful, and even bizarre, answers, which often seems to include the "we'll investigate the situation and get back to you in 10-14 business days" response. I'm a member since 1983 and it's especially distressing to me to witness the deterioration of USAA- the "we'll get back to you" assurance has become is a deflection, a way to get you off the line, and it's not going to happen. USAA has sacrificed honor and integrity for "social justice" activism and hipsterness (my own word) and there will probably be no coming back.