Some time ago, I previously made a post of this subject. It received an acknowledgement from USAA as having merit. But it appears that the merit wasn’t good enough to put a change into effect, or it’s taking way too long to do so.


With respect to my online bill pay system, I am unable to pay more on my USAA credit card bill than the statement amount shown on any give date.   USAA is my ONLY creditor that has this “unique” policy.  Their direct competitors like Navy Federal Credit Union, Pentagon Federal Credit Union, AFBA, etc. are not this restrictive.  


With a known customer base that travels frequently, gets deployed, or is often TDY/TAD, I am wondering why USAA… still… will not allow its members to establish a credit balance on their credit card using the USAA online bill pay system.  I would be very disappointed that this member serviced, professional company had this policy in effect to collect interest from past due accounts due to a member not being able to pay the bill on time based on the reasons above. I would be more inclined to believe that the corporate leadership is undereducated on this problem or isn't putting enough pressure on the IT department to fix it.  


If this were the case with me, I’d be asking for a complete reversal of all interest and/or late fees.  If it effected my credit report then I would, deservedly so, unlease the Junk Yard Dog.


Folks, until such time as USAA gets with the program, there is a work around to establish a credit balance.  Send them a check for an amount about your statement balance or use another online banking system to send them an extra payment. 


@Skyhook, I understand that you would prefer to have the ability to make an overpayment to a credit card account. As you mentioned, overpayments cannot be made through Pay Bills to increase a credit limit. If the amount of an overpayment is excessive, it may result in a rejected payment because it cannot be applied to the account. Your feedback is important to us, and I will be sharing this post with the appropriate team for review. ~DC

I appreciate the time you took to make a reply and trying to defend an un-defendable USAA policy. But, unfortunately, you failed to grasp the concept of my complaint. Making an extra payment has absolutlely nothing to do with an "increase in credit limit".

Secondly, what determines that an "overpayment is excessive"? You did not explain that positon to the rest of the readers of this post.

If you are going to "be sharing this post with the appropriate team for review" then may I respectuflly suggest that you put a footnote on it. That would be to tell them that your competitors - AFBA, Navy Federal, Pentagon Federal, et al - do not have this policy.

I provided a reasonble explaination why this policy should not be in effect. If USAA cannot grasp that reasoning, then we can do business with a competitor who does.

@Skyhook, Your concerns have been sent for review on this topic. Your experience of the bill pay limitations are important to us. I will be forwarding this post to add to the case already established. Thanks again. ~ Suzy