I have been disappointed with USAA on numerous occasions, actually more than satisfied.   It appears they have no loyalty to tenured members and tend to stick with policy regardless of whom it is.  I have had a Secured Mastercard for more than a year and make more than the minimal payment sometimes half the balance.  You would think they could tender an offer for an unsecured card for maintaining a good history.  But no, if you do not have a FICO score higher than 700 you aren't getting squat from USAA regardless of your tenure and payment history.  However, they will be more than happy to sell you an insurance policy!!! (Fubar)


What's it matter if the card is unsecure or not? I've had what I'm guessing is a secured card for around 5 years, I haven’t taken the time to check, nor have I taken the time to worry about the fact. This sounds more like a crazy rant than someone talking to their bank. 


Unless of course you have gone Conservative!



The days are long gone of a handshake and an agreement for credit. All banks have a minimum credit score to qualify for credit cards with their institution. The biggest improvement would be to keep your outstanding balance to less than 30% of the the card limit.

That is easier said tan done with a low limit card. If your only goal was to improve your rating by getting the secured card, the best route would be to use it like cash. Buy gas once and pay in full monthly, preferably before the reporting date .


I'm sorry to hear that you're frustrated. Minimum credit scores are a typical practice for any bank. 
If you have additional questions feel free to reach out to a member services representative at 1-800-531-8722. 

Thank you.