I agree> I also have been a member of USAA since I got out of the Navy some 45 years ago.  The service has constantly gone downhill ever since.  (particularly the last two/three years) Today, I have just spent at least 3 1/2 hours trying to access my Investment account for some emergency funds so  that I can transfer funds to my checking account and use them for a medical emergency.  The account seems to be completely blocked and the "Transfer" section doesn't even recognize that I have a mutual fund account with USAA.  When I call the telephone number listed for USAA for help, all I get is a transfer to Victory Capital Management which is closed for the weekend!!     If Iever I do get access to my account again, I'm transferring everything to Fidelity where I still have some control over my investments!!!!   

@um334, Thank you for you 45 years of trust and loyalty and for your service. Sorry to hear of the difficulty accessing those funds. I am forwarding this post now to that area. Thank you ~Tom