I have been a USAA member for decades and they continue to decline in every aspect I encounter. The customer service quality has degrated consistently. When they attempt to innovate they make the experience worse then when they started. 


An example of that is the redesign of the account pages. Why in the name of god do you feel the need to change the way the SAME information is presented for decades? The only thought I can come up with is that you have programmers who need to justify their jobs so have to find something to do. The properties of accounts stay the same, but you feel the need to "redo" the presentation and use of the pages. IF ITS NOT BROKEN STOP TRYING TO FIX IT. Making your customers relearn a new method to access/manipulate the same information AND simultaneously take away information/funcationality is very frustrating.


An example of that is on the export for register pages they used to present for "USAA FUNDS TRANSFER DB" the account number the transfer was made to, but have since removed it with the latest "update."  Now I have to add a step into my reconciling process to find that information. Extra work...


I really want to move all my business to another bank, I am so sick of USAA and their decline and focus away from customer service and thoughtful innovation. I just need to get the strength and patience to find a better provider and invest the time to get it done.


Hello @RespectIsEarned. I am very sorry to hear of your frustrations regarding the redesign of our website. I have forwarded your feedback regarding this. I do hope that we do not lose you as a member due to this. -Colleen

Sir, Madam,  

I can relate. USAA platform was clunky in the past but I had no objections because I assumed the corporate management was leaning toward saving money for its customers.

Today,  I was looking for a discussion about the Victory Capital migration and what our options are as long time USAA financial customers.  I've yet to dive deeper into this community discussion and haven't the extra time to weed through the list because there is no index created by tags and categories which all the 21st century commercial and educational platforms I use for comments usually offer categorical topical indexing which would make searching the comment data base easier.  Ever regressive USAA offers a 20th c. version of online customer discussion. 


Back to Victory Capitol:  I see no options for USAA's clients.  I see no instructions for withdrawal from the lemming leap to Victory Capital or moving funds out of Victory Capital's grasp. 


On Victory's material accessible through the USAA platform, I found a long scroll of the multiple investment entities banded together under Victory's banner.  Throughout, I see short notes about fees and client payments for fees many times, though no specific percentages or explanations of which USAA customers are charged which fees.  I don't like the look or feel of the various visual rennovations to the USAA platform, which as you point out are unnecessary and resemble stage makeup rather than substance.  I certainly don't like the presentation of information by and about Victory Capital.  I suspect the Victory in the moniker has nothing to do with the customers winning.


Big Island Boho



I just lost my CC (with phone) and hop on the laptop to kill it and get a fresh one issued.

easy peasy, yeah?


No, all the contact dialogs are jacked up, generalized errataa. I had to triple check I was logged in the menus were so non specific.  Depopulated as well.... Hey USAA what use is a drop down populated with one item?...


So yeah, I logged in here to comment on a pecieved shift away from quality service, and find I relly need only say 


Yea, Me too.

Hello @meicalnissyen. I am very sorry to hear of the difficulties you had when trying to report your card lost. I will forward your feedback regarding this. If you are still needing assistance please call us at 210-531-8722 and we will be happy to assist you. -Colleen

RespectIsEarned is spot on, direct hit, bullseye, thank you for sharing I "liked" your post.  It was almost as if I wrote the blog myself.  I have noted similar service degradation over the years after well over 30 years.  I tried to make a payment under the new system and it is so mesed up it took double payment on my card.  I called up USAA they could not refund the money back to credit card, ridiculous, would have to mail me a check, blah, blah, blah, so I left credit on file for the next month and it jacked up my finances a bit and left me short.  The appearances of tabs are like labrinths to get completely lost in, can't find Subscriber Savings account balance and what a joke, your own money you can never really have access to unless you pull the plug and ditch your account, which hey is not a really bad idea.  I have friends that did that "took the money and run".   I asked Q's was told if I want to designate a beneficiary for SSA that I have to sign their form, have it Notarized, and send it in, wow that's super convenient and safe in light of COVID, hmmm.  When my vehicle was hit by a tree during hurricane "MATTHEW" the claims service was abysmal, then when a family member died they humilated us to get the life insurance pay out like we were an involved party.   Also a slick USAA Investment agent called my 90 year old Dad to try to get him to keep the money to invest in the stock market vs. pay $ out. Why?  He's 90 years old he needs his money now not 30 years from now.  Then the Nephew of the brother that died tried to join USAA they put him through untold grief joining USAA I got involved as it was my brother that had passed and his son joining and he needed the benefit of memebership there was so much ignorance about the program they said they had a special program to bring him on and when they referred me to that department they are asking me "what are you even talking about, sir, what program"?  Like I was making it up, whatever.  I will say the USAA reps on phone even agree the new system online is so jacked up you can tell they really are embarassed and yet powerless to fix it or convince the CEOs at the top that it's not winning.  That's the only thing USAA is really good at, apologizing, probably, because they have to do it a lot just to keep their jobs and keep their remaining customers.  USAA started out small and good service and good price and now is a wooly-mammoth sized Corp.  But rest assurred they have drank the kewl aid and are supporting social causes, what with giving away like candy, Million$ of our dollars; as shareholders in the company, they should pay that money out to us shareholders, not give away to non-members hello.  If USAA wants to give to social causes let them do it out of their own personal billfold, not the currency of the association war-chest, where my money is, thank you.  Please, just go back to being a normal insurance provider and not a world fixing people pleasing largess.  Thank you.

Hello @SimplyForgotus, it's difficult to hear how let down you feel with USAA. Your concerns are taken seriously and I certainly want to help in having them addressed. I'm sharing your comments for further review and follow-up. I appreciate you reaching out. -Paula 

There is no question that USAA is not the same efficient and friendly organization they were when I became a part of them 43 years ago.  I know security is a really important aspect of operations but it seems to me that the requirement just to sign on is too much.  I have been trying to get some other things like my credit score updated. USAA shows a much lower score than any of the credit bureaus, but nothing is done about it.  It seems that they are passing the buck on issues, it is always someone else that takes care of the concern.  This is the result of getting so big, making lots of money, and not taking care of the individual like they use to.  The leadership is lacking in my opinion, not handling the complexity that goes with growth.   I have been disappointed in the small amount of SSA distributions recently.  Seems to me there could be more sharing with the membership.  There are still some really great people at USAA, so it must be the overall leadership that's letting us down.  Yes, I have had thoughts of checking around for something better, but at my age and tenure with USAA it's really hard to break away as I have had so much interaction through just about every kind of insurance, banking, brokerage, savings at times over the years with them.  I just hope the decline stops and a return to better days are forthcoming.

Jesse Faught

@Coot1, First and foremost, thank you for your 43 year membership. I've forwarded your comments to the appropriate area. Feedback is important to us as a means to help us improve our products and services. If you need further assistance, please let us know. - Ben 

" I just hope the decline stops and a return to better days are forthcoming."  Unfortunately, this is a pipe dream.  USAA is too far gone to revert back to the company it once was.  I left USAA after 40 years and am very happy with the new company.  I left for a substantial savings and then another substantial savings wjhen the yearly policy renewed.  Don't  let your tenure with USAA blind you to the better possibilities out there.  Shop around.  I am sure you will be surprised at what you will find.  I have been stating this for several years now, and USAA has NO RESPONSE to it because they know that I am correct.  The USAA upper management is relying on the reputation of the "old USAA" to enrich themselves while they are destroying a once proud company.  Just Google "USAA CEO compensation" and you will be surprised.