Hey folks.  I haven't posted for 4+ years but I'm going to now.  First, I moved ALL of my investments from USAA to a small Christian based shop in Winston-Salem in 2016.  Why?  Between their fees and the mutual fund fees, I was paying nearly 2% in total fees.  This isn't right.  Furthermore, USAA was completely unwilling to "better" manage my investments so that I could maximize my Obamacare subsidies.  With my new private manager, we put all of my non qualified money into bonds and all my qualified money into stocks.  I'm still sitting at about 50/50 but am able to take full advantage of our tax code.

Furthermore, we are moving and recently sold a house but are living at my parents (I'm 59+) until we can find our next and final home.  USAA offered no more than about .65% on an account with nearly a $300K balance.  Instead, I opened 2 online accounts and am receiving no less than 2.4 times what USAA offered me.  This is a difference of $400 per month in my pocket.  

In summary, I don't believe USAA has your best interest in mind.  I do still do my checking account with them but otherwise, their prices/fees are not reasonable.  Finally, I moved all of my insurance away from USAA in 2012 and saved more than 30% of premium (in excess of $1,500).  For example, my umbrella insurance went from $600 to $289, home went from $903 to $681 and auto's went from $2,800+ to $2143.  

I encourage all of you to do your due diligence.  I have been a USAA member since 1982.  This once great company is doing their best to take advantage of service members.  Please be cautious.


@Sfb1995, Sorry to hear that you feel this way. This isn't how we ever want you to feel. I understand that you moved some products away from USAA, hopefully someday we can gain your trust again and we will always be here for you when you would like to discuss and compare again. I am also forwarding your concerns to be reviewed. Thank you for reaching, and please stay safe out there!  ~Tom

Thanks for your input.   could use some info from you about it.   how can i find some way to exchange info?  thank you!