USAA doesn't care about your money

So early july my playstation account was hacked and the person bought over 300 dollars worth of online games. I contacted USAA and had them put a stop and got the money back. They did their "investigation" and it was determined that supposedly it was me. I called and they said that they called playstation and all the information on the account matched my information. I was like duh my account was hacked and locked i contacted playstation and got it back.


we are in the year 2021 and USAA's way of so called security is to call the company and verify the information? I requested that the situation be reopened and gave them more information from the playstation customer service because you know they actually did there jobs and used state of the art technology.  This was at the beginning of August i haven't heard anything from USAA and they took the 300 dollars that shouldn't have been taken. The games are no longer on my Playstation account and playstation says i have to go through my bank for a refund. 


Well thanks USAA for just putting 300 dollars of my money in limbo for no reason. I retire in 6 months and am already looking into switching everything away from USAA.  It is pretty obvious you don't care about the military everytime i see a commercial on monday night football or the gronk commercials i think of how desperate you are becoming to keep the military member's as customers considering Navy Federal is so much better. 

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@LeafsFan, please provide your name and contact number or email address in a private message. Thank you - Tricia

@LeafsFan, I'm sorry to learn that a dispute was not resolved in your favor and for any inconvenience this caused you. We'll be happy to review the transactions again. I will engaged the appropriate team to review further. I appreciate your membership and we certainly don't want to lose your business. Tricia