USAA is absolutely the worse. This is the third incident that I’ve had to where they could careless of how they treat you. I keep telling myself it’s an isolated incident and the good outweighs the bad BUT nope not this time. I have been a joint owner on my adult sons account since opening when he was a teenager. His account went into the negative and his bi-weekly check has been paying down his balance. However USAA decided to take all of my money out of my account to pay his debt. Never did they contact me as a joint owner to say “hey if this isn’t paid xyz will happen”. They didn’t give me the option to try to make arrangements to pay it down or even tell me that I was liable. Nothing besides my name is affiliated with this account. I don’t have money going to it, no debit card, absolutely nothing. After contacting them, their response was we contact the primary account holder. So they give the account an option but not a joint owner?. Then I’m told to get a loan to cover the money they took. Yeah real good customer service.


Hello @Diamondn, I will forward your feedback with your concerns to the appropriate team to review. ~ Lori C

Yeah I’m sorry that happened to you. I have a story like that except it was on a discover card and I was the son. As frustrating as it is, this is common. In all of the small print, I’m sure they reserve the legal right to recoup their losses. I apologized to my dad for a year....