After almost 35+ years...I am now considering dropping USAA.  The writing has been on the wall for a while (look at all the post here) but I have long bragged that USAA was the BEST for banking, insurance mortgages etc.  I no longer feel this is the case anymore.  


I am in the process of buying a house now...but went with NFCU for my mortgage! Why? Customer service was better, better rates, ease of use etc.  USAA just doesnt really care, would not converse via email...everything had to be done on the phone and getting ahold of them was a pain (wrong numbers listed on my dashboard, the agent always busy etc but nice when you did get her but again inflexible) Then they are now dropping their Home Buying program and no incentives if you used their service (ie cash back at closing)  ALSO found out that USAA does not service your loan!! This is outsourced and it could be resold several times...but I was promised if I ever called for the life of my loan they would answer the phone "Thank you for calling USAA" - thats just call center 101.


Moving to insurance - USAA has ALWAYS been my fall to for insurance...that is what they WERE known for.  Every car, motorcycle, renters insurance, and home insurance was with USAA.  Never really shopped around...but guess was it an eye opener.  USAA is no longer as competitive.  Yes its not always the bottom dollar that goes into the decision...but like I said, I am in the process of possibly dropping USAA after many years because there are better rates for the same coverage or even better coverage than USAA offers and reviews of these companies do rank right there with USAA (yes USAA is still ranking pretty high overall...but I could see that falling as USAA looses its hold on the market and members realize there are other options.)


If you try to point out their rates (mortgage rates or even quoted home owners insurance rates) are not comparing to others - there is no flexibility and both departments take the attitude - yes that is true, and if you want to go with someone else go for it.  and bye.  No attempt to even try to retain my business.


It just seems that USAA that I knew and grew up with is no longer there and I have just been turning a blind eye to it.  Its sad.  I am really disappointed with the company as a whole.  And just reading some of the chats here...looks like I am not the only one.  Whether USAA actually reads these... thats another story - but might be an eye opener for them.


Agree 1000%!!
Wow, and I thought I was the only one with issues with this false military supporter named USAA.
I agree with and how USAA ‘rides the tailcoat’ of Service member claiming to “take” care of us. At the end of the day, they are just another money-hungry organization with only themselves in mind.
Shame on them.
I have had them for over 22 years and have made 6 claims; all with negative, paying-out-of-pocket, fighting the bureaucracy, outcomes.
I am fed up with their excuses and lack of care.
Good luck to those disappointed and please continue to inform the “blind”.
Let us know where you find better service.

Hello Upset8722Member. I am sorry to hear you felt the need to move to another lender- we wish . USAA does not require all mortgage communication to be completed via phone, but certain items like a rate lock are required to be via verbal communication, and come conversations are better relayed by phone, but not required.  I do understand that in some cases in may be more difficult to reach a representative when you call. Discontinuing the Real Estate Rewards Program was a difficult business decision for USAA - as we were aware that is served as a great benefit to our members who participated, but that does not mean we will never have mortgage finance options with additional perks or incentives which would benefit our members. For example, right now USAA is waiving the origination fee for all VA transactions. We are also offering a VA  Interest Rate Reduction Refinance  program to eligible borrowers which has almost all costs paid for by USAA.  We've been able to help many veterans save on their mortgage payments with this refinance. Regarding loan servicing, you are correct. USAA does not service its mortgages, but you can bet we will be here should assistance be needed. I hope in the future we can have an opportunity to serve your mortgage needs and adjust your perception.  I will have our insurance team review your feedback pertaining to them. 

Apologies for a sentence being cut off. We wish we could have been your mortgage provider. 

@Upset8722Member, it's regretful learning of your disappointment with our insurance and I can see how having a competitive premium is important. In addition to price, were we able to compare contract provisions to identify differences and make sure you are properly covered? Thank you. -Paula

What has happened is what I call the "Stuart Parker Effect".  He is in the process of destroying USAA.  He needs to resign.

I think he"

's right about thev deterioration of service and competative rates for loans & insurance.  And, the car buying service is an invitation to be flooded by offers from many un-related dealers with irrelevint offers.  i have been a blind , supporting memember for 55 years and recently I have noted some real chandes in service and attitudes that are making me consider alternatives.

@Pile Driver, thank you for reaching out. We regret to hear that you're considering some alternatives, as we never want any of our members to feel this way. If there is anything we may be able to assist with, or anything we can review for you, please do not hesitate to let us know. I'm happy to submit your feedback on your behalf. Thank you. ~Holland

I wholly AGREE usaa has gone the way of big business! They no longer provide the best for our soldiers. They claim to be a service organization for the welfare of the military but are only victimizing those in the military. Taking advantage of the dedicated money of the military. As everyone knows payment from the military is guaranteed! Maybe not as timely as we would like but they never miss a payday.

I have used them for over 30 years and I to am considering closing my accounts and asking for my SUSCRIBERS ACCOUNT funds back.


 I am in the process of applying for a mortage on a new home. I am on my third representative who tells me I need to resubmit everything. This on a FRIDAY EVENING!!! AND IT NEEDS TO BE SUBMITTED BY MONDAY BUT THEY ARE CLOSED ALL WEEKEND!!!!!!

  Last week a tree branch fell on my new car in my driveway. I took it to my dealer for an estimate. I submitted it to them. They deleted it 2 times and told me to take it to a third rate repair shop for an estimate. Then said they paid that shop and I should go there!!!!!  ALL THE WHILE TELLING ME I COULD TAKE IT WHEREEVER I WISHED FOR REPAIR…..


ENOUGH CRYING anyone with complaints should tell everyone using usaa they should reconsider as they no longer care for soldiers. It’s about the money.

I agree I will look elsewhere to spend my money!