USAA closed my account that my stimulus was going to be deposited into

I was supposed to get my stimulus check into my savings account and usaa decided to close it. I never got a warning that this was supposed to happen. Just a statement on 12/22 that ended with showing it was closed. Thanks usaa for ONCE again screwing me over. Merry Freaking Christmas!


Hello @Navy Employee. I am very sorry to hear your account was closed. I have forwarded your concerns for further review. -Colleen

@USAA Social Service. I have not heard back at all. My stimulus check was apparently deposited in the account that USAA closed. I still have two accounts that are active and a credit card. Will USAA put my check into an active account. These are checks people need and now because of what USAA did, I don't have my check at all. It's just floating around somewhere and I cannot get a straight answer from anyone. I need my money. This is a terrible time to do soemthing like this and not have a better solution for your members. You could at least give me my money. I am NOT happy. 


We have been with USAA for almost 10 years and lately they do not help their customers. 

@Navy Employee, I understand your concern regarding your stimulus deposit. USAA returns ACH deposits received on a closed account. You will receive a letter from the IRS within 15 days following the attempted payment with instructions on how to report the failure to receive the payment. I apologize for any inconvenience this matter has caused and will be happy to share feedback on your experience with the appropriate team. Thank you. - Rhonda