Thank you USAF_RET! Much appreciated!

B-Money1--You should look into Fidelity--they have a flat trading fee of $4.95 per security. While I do not personally invest in mutual funds, Fidelity is supposed to be one of the world leaders in mutual funds offering over * funds from Fidelity as well as other funds from hundreds of fund companies outside of Fidelity, many of which have no transaction fees. If you haven't already, I'm sure it would be well worth your time to look into opening an account with them, even if it were solely for the lower trade fees; however, based on their mutual fund offerings, I think that might be very beneficial to you as well! :) Hope this helps! Good luck! ~Sam

Thank you Sam! I am leaning towards Fidelity!!

I was done with USAA's brokerage services when I had questions about a transaction and was laughed at by two of their investment "professionals" during my call.  Way to go for tact and professionalism, USAA. Since then I've been with Scottrade and couldn't be happier.