USAA, bringing families together while tearing them apart


USAA claims to care about military families. Doesn't seem that way.


Situation and Background:

We are a military family dating all the way back to my grandad serving in the Navy in WWII. I have been with USAA for many years and had a platinum visa with a $15K CL. I work for the Federal government. This year has been the ("H, E, double-Hockey-Sticks" word USAA won't allow me to post) with the shutdown and contractors not being paid. That situation is resolved for future shutdowns but as an essential staff member, I basically worked for free for nearly the first half of the year. It has taken practially all year to get to the point I can pay my bills.


We moved to this area because of the school system. When we moved, no homes in the neighborhood were available for sale that worked for my family size, so we rented. The home we are renting, we are now working to purchase (thank goodness).


I have made 100% of ALL payments on ALL accounts on time--no late payments whatsoever even through the shutdown. I have explained to several USAA employees that my family was impacted by the government shutdown. My utilization skyrocketed because we have used credit to survive.


Fast forward to now, I am paying my bills down so that I can qualify for a mortgage in January. My wife is a stay at home mom, so qualifying for the mortgage will be all on me. On 19 November 2019, I made a $9K payment on my USAA platinum visa. I also paid off my Navy Federal visa completely. Once Navy Federal reported the payment, my FICO score went up. I was excited to see my FICO jump even more with the larger USAA payment; however, on 28 November 2019, USAA reduced my CL by $7,800.  


I spoke with a USAA rep to complain--no help, offered to transfer me to executive department so they could "help me get my mortgage." Referred to executive deparment, spoke with Travis, he told me there would be a "specific" reason in the letter they sent me about the CL reduction. So, while I was on the phone with him, I checked my documents, and sure enough there was a letter in there that said absolutely NOTHING specific about why they reduced my CL. It said, due to internal score and external score we are reducing you. Now, this has never happened. Only happened after I reduced my balance to approximately 30%. Again, no late payments and absolutely no changes to my credit file except for some inquiries and an increase in my credit score, so there was no "detailed information." Per Travis once CL is reduced it cannot even be considered for "anything" until after 6 months well beyond the timeframe for me to either get a mortgage or lose the home we are in. Offered to get me to someone who could help me get a personal loan. Now, how would that work? They just screwed me on my visa CL, why on earth would they give me a personal loan. They have NEVER approved me for a personal loan.


Status Report:

USAA screwed my family at a time when we needed help the most. Sad part is, I am able to pay all my debts, so it's not like I needed that kind of help, I just needed them to not do some BS like this, but they did. This is not the first time USAA has disappointed my family unnecesarily. When I canvass the many posts on this site, most of them are complaints.


Remedy Action(s):

1. Not make anything beyond the minimum payment on my USAA account. In hindsight, I should have applied that $9K to other debts.

2. Move all my deposits to Navy Federal checking account

3. Stop using USAA credit cards

4. Do not complete application for $1M USAA whole life and just keep the $1M term product until I can find another suitable provider

5. Pay all other debts down to 30% (EXCEPT USAA to prevent them from further reducing my CL.)

6. Get a mortgage with Navy Federal (NOT USAA).

7. Switch all of my insurance (renters, auto, and property) from USAA to Geico

8. Refinance my USAA auto loan with Navy Federal and never finance another through USAA, ever.

9. After securing my mortgage, pay USAA visa off and close all my accounts.



Oh no @ForgottenSoldier, I do regret to hear of this experience as that is not how we want our members to feel. I was able to find your USAA profile and will engage a subject matter expert for further review. Once reviewed they will contact you, we do appreciate your patience in advance. -Emily 

Received a contact today from M. Coleman (USAA's CEO Office representative). She was very apologetic that there was nothing she could do to encourage me to stay with USAA and not transfer all my banking to my Navy Federal account. 


I thanked her for the call.


Sticking to my plan. For everyone else ... good luck.



@ForgottenSoldier, I'm saddened to learn that you will be transferring your bank accounts to another financial institution. I'll be sharing this message with the team that has been assigned to review your concerns. ~DC

USAA is becoming predatory - they've just been in the right posture to aim toward military which is IMHO worse than the general public. You should see the crazy stuff they just did to us after a decade of membership, needless to say Navy FCU will be receiving all deposits and used for all bill pay henceforth, the only money of ours USAA will ever see again is this much





I'm going to even start paying their products from another financial institution.


I also deleted 3 of our 7 vehicles from insurance and will be removing them all eventually.


Hang in there you are not alone.

Roger that and thank you. Leaving USAA will be my Christmas present to myself.
Almost forgot the office of the CEO verified that the letter they sent to my inbox with the “reason for the decision” had zero explanation as to why they did this. Claimed it was a “system error”. Smh x 9,000.

@ForgottenSoldier, I do regret to hear that you feel this way. I show your concerns have been shared with the appropriate area. I will follow with them as well to ensure they follow up with you. -Emily

I am pleased to report that nearly ALL of my business is with Navy Federal now. Just a few more accounts to go.