Has anyone noticed that USAA is not the great bank that it used to be? I went years with no overdrafts. On June 12, my car insurance company payment "bounced", even though I got paid $2000 that day. I called my car insurance company and they said they didn't even try to run the payment through until June 15th. That overdraft caused another overdraft. Neither time did they attempt to use my overdraft protection, which is connected to my savings account. I'm on a very tight budget, so those two overdrafts have caused me to have 10 more in the past month. USAA refuses to acknowledge that they ran the payment too early or that they should have used my overdraft protection. My balance is now negative $250. I don't get paid for over a week, and I have a family to feed. I can't believe they would do something like this. I trusted them. It's back to the credit union for me, when I get enough money to pay these overdrafts off.


I know what you mean. My work schedule prevented me from making it to the bank during business hours in order to make a credit card payment. (I made it as far as the front door and was turned away.) This was also while trying to link my primary bank account with USAA over the course of three months in order to set up direct deposit. I also tried making payments over the phone and online to no avail. Needless to say my credit tanked and I have been recovering ever since. When I finally made it to the bank to get it removed from my credit, I spent 4 hours with someone inside filling out the paperwork to get the 90 day late payment removed from my credit. I was told if you don't hear anything from us it means it went through. Waited patiently for two months and followed up. There was no record of the form being submitted. When I spoke to a manager I was politely called a liar since I didn't remember the full name of the employee I spoke to. That record on my credit cost me a home loan. To top it all off, this all happened at the headquarters in San Antonio. Needless to say once I am able, I will be closing my USAA account.

I've been having trouble with USAA since moving overseas.  Today I notice another NSF charge in my account and the money is there.  This is the second time this has happen in the past 90 days.  I'm trying to pay off a loan. Now I have to call explain why the payment did not go through, pay that fee, along with the fee from USAA.  This is not easy with the time diffence between here and the states.  Reading these post about others having this same problem but far more costly make me want to look into banking elsewhere.  Thanks for post.  

How did not making it to the bank in time to make a payment result in a 90 day delinquency???  If you couldn't make a payment in 90 days that is not USAA's fault. 

"On June 12, my car insurance company payment "bounced", even though I got paid $2000 that day. I called my car insurance company and they said they didn't even try to run the payment through until June 15th."


If your car insurance didn't run the payment until the 15th, then how would it "bounce" on the 12th?


Love the title "USAA as bad as other banks now".  The truth is in this instance they are just about the same.  If you can't properly manage your accounts, then you will have the same issues no matter where you bank.  Of course, the more negative account management issues you have the harder it will be to find another bank that will let you open an account.


Beth SB, JayP1, and Kell429,


Thank you all for taking the time to comment and share your experiences. I know these types of situations can cause frustration. If you have a moment, I would encourage you to send us a private message here, or give us a call at 1-800-531-8722. Thank you again for taking the time to comment.

You will always see the NSF post the day AFTER the ACH tried to go through.


I’m guessing this is what happened:

Your insurance payment was set up to come out on the 11th. You did not have funds available. On the 12th you see your deposit post as well as the NSF. Because of the weekend the money did not try to pull again until the 15th At that time you had the funds available and the bill was paid.


The insurance department does not have access to view your bank account, and because ACH transactions will usually try at least twice, they were not aware that you didn’t have sufficient funds available for the first attempt.


Keep an eye on your due dates and automatic payments in the future and you should be fine.

Shame on USAA for not allowing you to use money you didn't have, right?  


Maybe be next time you will learn not to make payments until you actually have the money available in your account.  



Fullbird, do you work in USAA customer service? Sounds like it. You are assuming all fault is on the part of the member. Exactly how much do you know about the facts of the case your are commenting on?

Takiefer, why would you even think I work for USAA?  Does it hurt when you think?


Try remedial reading.  One poster was 90 days late in paying their credit card.  Another has issues with writing checks before having cleared funds. 


Maybe be for you it's rocket science.  On this planet we have a thing called personal accountability for properly managing your finances.