Check your Credit Report and look at the Credit Scores for the "Top-3" reporting bureaus.  WHO is ALWAYS the LOWEST?  Experian.  WHO does USAA always rely on?  EXPERIAN.

On 13 December 2020, USAA applied my SSA funds to my Auto Insurance policy.  It was a very healthy SSA payment; Thank You!  The SSA payment, combinded with my monthly payment left a balance due of .14¢.  

On 18 December 2020, USAA waived the .14¢ balance due on my Auto Insurance, leaving a .00 balance; Thank You.

On 18 December 2020, with a .00 blanace on my AUTO INSURANCE, USAA reported to the credit bureaus that my USAA VISA CREDIT CARD was CLOSED. It is NOT! My credit scores are dropping like rocks.  I've contacted USAA (several times) and they assured me the problem was identified, and is being resolved.

HERE'S THE RUB:  27 days have passed, and to this day I have NOT received a single notification from USAA; no text msg, no phone calls, no email, no USPS letter, not even a Secure Message within the USAA account site. The only reason I know what happened is because I INITIATED the calls.

USAA recently approved an auto loan for me; Thank You.  And I got a really great insurance rate on the new car; Thank You.

However, when did USAA decide is was OK to NOT talk to their customers?  I believe USAA has been supporting the NFL for about 10 years, but lately, that seems to be their focus.  USAA doesn't talk to their customers, except at half-time during a football game.


Hey SrChief - I'm not familiar with Experian being the lowest but I'll tell you what they have been doing to me:  I have outstanding credit; no missed or late payments, no bounced checks very little in the way of debt for over 30 years.  All of a sudden I find that Experian has dropped my credit rating by over 20 points.  No changes in my financial picture, just dropped it.  Guess what was prominently displayed on their reporting site when I took a look?  Yep, Experian's "Experian Boost" where I can raise my credit score (for a small fee).  I didn't bite on this obvious scam and amazingly my credit score was back up the next month.  Oh, but then dropped back down again after that with more hyping of Experian Boost.  This kind of sleaze should put people in prison!


2020-12-18: USAA Errantly Reported to Experian that my C/C account was CLOSED! (It wasn't).

2020-12-21: Credit Score drop!!!

2020-12-23: I contacted USAA; was assured the issue was their fault and they would correct.

2021-01-14: USAA initiates the first (Repeat FIRST) USPS notitification to me that the error occured.

2021-01-18: The first notification letter (dtd 1-14-21) finally got mailed.

2021-01-23: Received the letter.

2021-01-23: Applied for Credit Line Increase of $1.2K from $3.9K to $5K (against $152K annual Income).

2021-01-23: Credit Line increase declined. Reason - adverse info on Experian credit report.