USAA account aggregation

I'm not able to get a consistent connection from USAA to my account aggregator (Yodlee/Fullview). Every other bank works fine.


Is anyone else able to maintain connections to a Yodlee-based aggregation service?


Is Plaid any better?


Help me stay with USAA!

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Good afternoon @coveredinbees, I hope your day is going well. So that I may best assist can you share more on what issues you were having? Are you attempting to link external accounts to -Emily 

Hi Emily, sorry for the delayed response. Yes, Yodlee-based services would frequently require reauthorization. Plaid-based services work great though. Tech team can check it out through


The new MX service seems to work well with all of my accounts except NFCU. I'd really like to see this connection work.



Thank you for the information. I will escalate this to be reviewed. We appreciate you providing this information.