I had another terrible experience with USAA Federal Savings Bank today( 2nd one in a few years). I had to have a a/c furnace unit replaced a few days ago to the tune of $6200.  I attempted to charge this amount to my USAA Visa where I had plenty of credit. The charge was rejected. After answering a fraud alert on my phone and calling the bank 3 times, and the contractor attempting to run the charge about 7 times, it was still rejected. The agent was unable to resolve the problem and suggested I use another charge card or pay by check.  Thankfully I had a Chase VISA which I used and the charge went through the first attempt. So just an alert to all of you out there with a USAA Visa, you better have a back up card because you can't count on USAA.


@Frustrated691, I am sorry that the card didn't work as expected, that is very strange. Once it is pre-authorized it usually works like a charm after a security alert is cleared. I have your info here and I am forwarding your concerns to a Bank specialist for review. Thank you for bringing this to our attention. ~Tom

Well after 3 weeks I have gotten no response. Did get an email from Troy D. saying he would contact me within 2 business days to discuss this problem but so far no contact has been made. Not that I expect much from your company anymore but thanks anyway.


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@Frustrated691, thank you for reaching out again. Our records reflect that Troy attempted to contact you on January 7, 2020 at approximately 3:00 p.m. CT. I'll share this message with Troy's team, asking them to reach out to you again. ~DC

Yes I did answer a call from a USAA phone number on 7 January. As soon as I picked up, it disconnected. No voice whatsoever. According to my phone it was  3 second call. I guess in your records, that is considered a call back. End of problem. Great