USAA Visa Dispute on new car deposit, Retailer agreed to refund my deposit. USAA doesn't -Go figure?

I put a $1000 deposit on my USAA VISA card for a new car.. The dealer didn't have the car on the lot that I wanted but said they could get it. When the dealer called me that the car came it and I asked the miles on the car I was told it had 300 miles on it and needed several options to be installed at the dealer. I told the dealer the mileage was too high for me for a new car plus having to add all the options. I would not accept the vehicle and placed a dispute with USAA VISA for return of deposit and explained why. USAA reversed the charge on my account About a week later the sales manager emails me to apologize for what had happened to me and asked me to return to the dealership so he could swipe  my Visa and refund my $1000 deposit. I emailed him back and told him I had initiated a dispute on my deposit and he said that was fine. I didn't want to drive a 70 mile round trip to swipe my card thinking USAA would take care of it for me (47 year member). WRONG!!!

Today I get a letter from USAA stating they are reversing the credited $1000 deposit and putting it back on my card based on the information they gathered and closing the dispute. I had even downloaded the email chain where the dealership agreed to the refund.

USAA is becoming more and more useless to me everyday. I'll drive the 70 mile round trip because I can really use the $1000 and USAA can't even make the right decision based on the member's input. 

Retailer will refund my deposit, but USAA Visa is going to reinstate the charge. How's that for customer service. Go figure. 


Hello Jim and thank you for taking the time to share your concern regarding your dispute. We will forward the all of the information and feedback you've provided to the appropriate department for further review. Thank you apologize for the inconvenience this concern is causing you!

Drove 70 miles round trip back to the dealership tonight and got my $1000 deposit refunded.


Thanks USAA VIsa for doing nothing for me and my dispute after a month and a half, then telling me you were putting the charge back on my Visa when the dealer had already agreed to the refund documented by me to you!


You all have really become a Class Act with nonexistent customer service.