I have complained to USAA a number of times about their lack of prompt reliable text or email alerts when using my Visa card (have never received a reply to two wriiten letters).  Two days after I use my card I get an email alert.  How does this help eliminate fraud?  When using my other cards (AMEX, CHASE, Credit Union) I get text/email alerts the second my card is used.  I know immediately where, when and for how much my card transaction was processed.  So USAA is still in the 19th century.  They could at least provide an explanation to a customer's written concerns about fraud protection.  I plan to eventually cancel my Visa card because of this.  


@JAMNAP, Thank you for sharing your concerns with us. I apologize that this is a cause of frustration. We do take the security of your card seriously and I would like to share your concerns with the appropriate team. It is our hope that sharing your concerns will ultimately address the situation. Thank you. ~Suzy