I have a USAA VISA Credit Card.  I made a payment ($340) on 4/4/2021 (EFT bank-to-bank); it cleared my bank on 4/6/2021.  HOWEVER, even though the payment IS SHOWING in my USAA account, the payment is still flagged stating "Available Credit will be updated 4/10/2021".  Same thing the next day; I made a payment ($1350) on 4/5/2021; flag states "Available Credit will be updated 4/12/2021".  In other words, it appears that even though an Electronic Funds Transfer cleared from another bank (not a check, but an EFT), USAA chooses to place a 7 day WAIT on available funds.  I've contacted the Executive Resolution Team; they CONFIRMED that even though the funds have cleared my bank, and my Balance Owed has been reduced, my Avaliable Credit WILL NOT increase for 7 days.  I WILL NEVER us my USAA VISA for ANY sort of travel, business or pleasure, because if I needed additional funds to be available for unexpected expenses, food, or lodging, and I went trough my bank to make an additional payment to my VISA, I'd still have to wait 7 DAYS FOR AN EFT TO CLEAR.


@SrChief53, I understand that you have concerns about credit card payment holds. I can confirm that we received your previous two posts, and your concerns have been elevated. Additionally, we provided suggestions for avoiding future payment holds. Please allow some time for our Advocacy team to conduct a thorough review of your concerns. Thank you for your patience. ~DC