Has anyone refinanced a VA home loan with USAA? i am curious as to how long it took for you to know if you were approved and also how long until the Refinance was complete.


I have been trying to do one through Navy Federal and they are terrible.


Hi Bandit 7. I know you are looking for feedback from other members, but I'd like to share that right now due to volume, an IRRRL is taking about 60 days to close. A conditional approval would be rendered at about 4-5 weeks. The closing date is an estimate, but any adjustment to a close date would be made once the loan has been final approved (or closer to that point). 

Is the cost involve between Refi and IRRRL a big difference? 

@Stewburner1, thank you for reaching out. I will forward your inquiry to a mortgage specialist for review. ~DC

Hi @Stewburner1, there is a cost difference between a VA Cashout Refi and a VA IRRRL. On the IRRRL USAA pays the closing costs with the exception of the points, prepaids, and escrows. On a VA Cashout Refi the borrower would pay all of the closing costs. You can get an estimate from one of our licensed loan officers at 800-531-0431. Thank you! 

@Bandit. I was approved during my first call. Barring and luckily I had all the pertinent info they needed. That was a few days before Thanksgiving. And we're set to close the 27th of Jan. So yeah about 60 days. But the rate was locked in at that time so there's peace of mind there. And they've been great so far. Hope that helps.