I have been on the phone with USAA for over 60 minutes and transferred to 3 departments, ALL of which say they can offer NO assistance.  

From content on the USAA site they offer suggestions that members might consider when speaking with (other?) creditors:

  • "Talk with your creditors and try to reduce interest rates or work out a payment plan."
  • "Debt settlement is where a creditor agrees to accept less money than the full amount owed from the borrower. The borrower benefits from paying a lower balance, and the creditor gets paid something rather than having to write off the balance of the loan."

USAA is unwilling, as my creditor, to offer any of the assistance they recommend members talk with creditors about.






@Underpaid Single Mom, I'm sorry to hear of the trouble you went through on the phone today. This is never the experience we want for any of our members reaching out to us for assistance. I've submitted your information to the appropriate team for review. Thank you for taking the time to post about your experience. ~Holland

The issue in not about the length of the call...if anything were to have been accomplished.  The issue is the UNwillingness of USAA to extend any consideration they recommend members aks of creditors.

Had I been able to get ANT assistance from any USAA representative in ANY of the 5 departments I talked with I would not have resorted to this forum to be heard.

I've been a member for 37 years and well recall when USAA was driven by loyalty and faithfulness to the members- there was no question about their honestly and integrity, and you knew they we're doing right by you. Now it seems they are pretending to be as a cross between a social worker and your Best Friend Forever, but it is all a ruse, camouflage for truly unacceptable, and at times grossly prevaricating, customer service, abysmal interest rates on bank products, and mediocre rates on insurance products: really a way to pretend USAA hasn't become a exclusive club for a select group of highly paid, privileged, and insulated elitists.

I agree 100%.  Very well stated.  What has been intentionally done to USAA is a disgrace.