USAA - The bank that couldn't shoot straight

Wow - Just received a text message that my USAA credit card would be credited money due a dispute. Since I have not activated my card in quite some time (2 to 3 years) and thinking that the text was a scam, I logged onto the USAA website and yes there is a document stating that I would be receiving a large credit due to a dispute. The USAA representative that I talked to was absolutely clueless.  I had to read the letter to him.  That being said, the USAA credit card is not a good credit card so I closed the account.


Just another example of how USAA has lost focus.  I left USAA car insurance more than 3 years ago after 40 years with USAA for a substantial savings.  I enjoy my yearly policies that haven't increased since I left USAA.  I have come to the conclusion that USAA is too far gone to revert back to the company it once was.  

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Update:  After being told there was "no way I would be receiving a credit" I checked just now and a credit was posted to my credit card account that I closed yesterday.  Why would anyone trust their money to this Keystone Cop organization?

@Bigbb, thank you for sharing your experience in contacting USAA to discuss the dispute letter that you received. I'd like to apologize for the unsatisfactory service. I'm elevating your concerns so we can conduct a thorough review of the situation. ~DC

Your "thorough review of the situation" will result in nothing happening.  Not sure what I am going to do when USAA sends me a check.  Why should I spend anymore time trying to give money back to USAA?