I have had enough of this terrible bank and insurance company. First, my insurance claims for flooding and storm damage took 60 to 90 days just for approval. Also, they cut myATM cards off twice with no notice while I was on travel. My family and I were stranded on the way home from Thanksgiving travel. I asked for a formal complaint and have check in the status three times in three months and have gotten nothing in return. I am leaving this ish-show. If this is how someone with over 25 years membership is treated then guess how you will be. There is no leadership, communication, or accountability at USAA and they leave families with flooded moldy basements and stranded during the holidays without the decency to provide any answers. USAA sucks!


@HateUS@@, I regret to hear about your dissatisfaction with your claim and your ATM cards.  We never want you to feel frustrated or unsatisfied.  I asked a business specialist to research your concerns further along with following up with you.  They will be contacting you within 2 to 3 business days.  Thanks ~ Robert.

Sure, we’ll see. If the past predicts the future you’re just lying. I’ll update this group when I receive contact and any sort of resolution is offered. Don’t hold your breath folks...

UPDATE:  It has been three weeks and I have recieved two calls from the claims area and radio silence from the bank.  The claims people were nice but said nothing and promised to follow up with the actions they are taking.  I haven't heard from them since.  My only request was tell me why this happend and what steps you are going to take to ensure that it does not happen again.  I guess it went into the 'too hard to do bucket'...


Like I said don't hold your breath.  I have identified other banks and insurance companies and am about 2 weeks from finalizing and leaving this place behind for good.  I'll send another update if there is ever resolution, but again I would keep the cork in the champagne.


I see that your concerns have been escalated to our Advocacy Team.  I will forward your additional post to them for review. Thanks~Mike

Again, another example of the "Stuart Parker Effect".  Everyone shop around.  You can do way better than USAA.