I've been with USAA for 25+ years and have noticed a decline in customer service since Victory Capital took over.  We were considered members, but now we are just a customer.  As PCS season approaches and the COVID19 travel restrictions lighten, members will be looking for assitance in their moves and help in resuming their lives.  We found out that we were moving to Alaska, and submitted for preapproved loan for an RV which was approved.  As a result, we ordered the RV to be built and delivered prior to our departure.  Now we are ready to pay for the RV.  The preapproved loan must have expired, so we went to apply for another loan.  The big disappointment is that USAA put a loan limit for members.  Because of this, we will not be financing through USAA and are seriously considering on canceling service all together.  I think its horrible that USAA fails to see that their member's make life impacting decisions and cut their life support from under them.  Even is a crisis, the military keeps moving because there are always exception to policies.  This is the first time I have seen loan limits established.  They should be based on case-by-case basis and credit report.  The decline in member support has declined, and I am not just basing it off of this one situation.  The other is when I requested a certified check... but that's another story.


@Josh47, So sorry to hear you feel this way and what had happened with your loan! This isn't how we ever want you to feel. I am forwarding your concerns to a Banks specialist now to be reviewed. ~Tom

Basically the same thing happened to us. Preapproved on a loan for a boat but in the process 45 days later the loan expired. USAA rep told us "no problem" just reapply and it should be ok. Not only did the loan amout get limits put on but we we were also denied. "Too many inquiries"

They offer Boat and RV loans but when you start the app 35K is the max. Representative said its due to Covid-19 and USAA is only protecting the interests of its members. So now they are protecting "our" interests by offering loans that they really dont offer. 

Maybe they shuld protect our interests by saving money and NOT advertising on FOX and NFL and wherever else they advertise.