USAA Senior Bonus - Who qualifies?

I could use some help. I called the Help line but the young man was not able to answer my question to my satisfaction.  I have been a USAA member for 51 years.  I carry Life, Auto, Homeowner insurance. I was recently informed by my brother-in-law, who has the same type of USAA insurance I do, that he has been receiving every year from USAA a substantial "Senior Bonus".  I have never heard of it before.  When I called the Help line, I was informed that since my products were supplied through USAA CIC (Casualty Insurance Company), I did not qualify for a Senior Bonus. I do however receive a small dividend each year on my Auto Insurance, but that is not a Senior Bonus.  I asked the representative what kind of USAA member does qualify for a Senior Bonus, but he was not able to tell me. I've researched online but still have no idea who qualifies and who does not.  I keep seeing a reference to a Subscriber Account, another term I have never heard of, nor do I see any reference to it on my USAA website account.  Can anyone shed light on what kind of USAA member qualifies for a Senior Bonus?  Thanks in advance for your input.

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@azztwister, thanks for reaching out in Community. To address this in more details, please reach out to our team at 800-531-8722. I've notated your account with our conversation so we can better assist you when you call in. Thank you. -Cynthia