@Frustrated in DC, I noticed the recent billing changes as well for my auto and homeowners premium renewal. The only real benefit was being able to split up the payments. Can't even see any kind of billing statement on their "my documents" page. Seems they don't offer that option now if go to their website to pay. It has the full payment balance and short due date. If that's the case, they should at least notify their members. Often times the policies don't even take effect for another 1.5-2 months. So you you get to pay their over-inflated rates (with sub-par coverage) and you have to pay quickly or you might get dropped like a hot potato.

USAA CSR: No need to up channel my comment. I've read the same canned responses and do care to see another one. Thx.

USAA is not the company it used to be.  What has been intentionally done to USAA s a disgrace.

Well stated. TY.