I would like to offer up suggestions that I would like to be sent to the product team that you have at USAA for consideration.


1. Please consider upping credit card rewards to a flat 2% rewards rate. Citi and Fidelity already do this and I believe it is something that USAA can easily do with the 1.5% Visa card.


2. Increase savings interest rates to something more respectable or at least tier it to reward further deposits and help members with their savings.


3. Reward bundling of products, so if a member has insurance, credit cards, checking, savings, etc....give them something for it. That limitless card was a great idea and should have remained. It was the perfect benefit for members and I wish I had the opportunity to receive it. 


In short, do what you say you were going to do upon the sale of the investment arms, which is invest back into the membership with better products and services, since then all I have seen is a stripping away of services, tools and products and would like to see evidence of what you were speaking of when you introduced the sales to Victory and Schwab.


Thanks for your time. 




@jimmyb84, thank you so much for your feedback. I can certainly understand how these additional benefits could help. We do offer potential savings if a member has insurance and banking products, but I'm happy to pass along the points you've brought up here to the appropriate teams. Thank you. ~Holland

Respectfully I have never seen evidence of that and at one point I carried all USAA products, including investments when you had them and it didn't make any difference to my insurance or deposit rates at all.

@Jimmyb84, Haven't seen you post for awhile. I think USAA has bigger fish to fry--like fixing all the customer service issues they have between their so-called problem resolution teams and senior leadership. 😉 As you can see from the CSR responses, they're still the standard responses that have been around for well over 3+ years. A lot of members (like you) are realizing that USAA's business practices are no longer beneficial or meet their expections. The apologies many members receive from the CSRs and upper management have become meaningless in their view. I find it hilarious when see a CSR respond to a member by telling them that they're sorry to see them. I hardly believe any of that and I'm sure many members feel the same way. What's a few thousand members leaving when your advertising machine is going at full strength. Those big sales of their investment business brought in a lot of $$ to their managers. USAA has decided to go down a particular direction with their business and it isn't the direction that really made them world-class 15+yrs ago. 😉 It's like another member mentioned in another post--as long as you don't need to contact them or need their support, members might be more inclined to be happy with what they have. That's until the insurance rates go up, bank returns go down the tubes, etc. I left the banking/investment part of the USAA for several reasons, and home/auto could follow in the near future when my policies are up for renewal.

Good to hear from you friend! I do realize it myself. Only product I have left is banking, due to ability to forecase future transactions is the checking product. I have Geico for insurance, Vanguard for investments, Citi and Fidelity rewards cards for credit, as I have a cash management account there, along with an HSA. Figured out a long time ago that unfortunately that option to have all in one place meant sacrificing the best of each.....hope you're doing well.