The USAA prepaid card was very convient for my kids growing up. Is there a reason why USAA chose to no longer have these type of cards?  I understand there is now a Youth account, but these types of accounts are more for older (teens and up).  I would love to be able to show my 7yr old child the value of money and to allow her to be able to have a card on her that maintains an allowance.  For younger kids, the prepaid was a easy and big advantage in teaching about money.  Is it possible to bring this program back?  Thanks.



Thank you for posting in the community. At this time, I am unaware of any plans to bring the pre paid spending card back. However, I have passed along your feedback and I encourage you to share your sentiments using this form,


There is another discussion here about the desire for a pre paid card.


Thank you again for commenting.

I have been a USAA memeber for over 15 years. I do all of my financial business with them, checking, savings, brokerage, auto insurance, property insurance, 529 college savings plans. I am not happy that they did away with the prepaid card and I wish that they would bring this card back. My daughter turns 13 next week and I had told her years ago that we would get her a USAA prepaid card when when she turns 13. Unfortunately, I have to attempt to find an alternative. USAA does not seem to understand that USAA youth checking debit card and prepaid card are two different things. If the prepaid card was not profitable enough then they could have added an annual fee like nearly every other prepaid card does. Getting rid of it entirely was a horrible decision IMO. I love to do all of my banking in one spot and am happy with the quality of service you get from USAA and the low fees. If I am able to find a bank that offers a prepaid card and can handle all of my financial needs as well as USAA then I would leave USAA completely over this prepaid card fiasco. However, I am fairly certain that there is no such bank in existance.