I love USAA and plan to stay for life. I've recently started my own business and found that USAA doesn't offer any business accounts. I begrudgingly went to Chase and opened one there. Chase sucks! Their service is terrible and the products they offer are mediocre at best. PLEASE USAA, consider offering these accounts. From what I've read you would do quite well. Just venting.....thanks!


I think a lot of members would like this product addition. A great suggestion and added value to usaa members.

Thank you Surge. We appreciate your loyalty and membership!


At this time, USAA does not offer business checking accounts.


I have continued to share yours (and the other members requesting this product) feedback to make sure the bank knows our member's need for this product. If you would like an additional outlet to share your thoughts, I encourage you to send us a message here.


Thank you for posting in the community!