Fact. I just recorded them on their recorded line. I have 100% PROOF OF THIS. USAA put a hold on my paycheck that I mobile deposit every Fdiday from a local bank in my area. I HAD NO MONEY FOR THANKSGIVING!! USAA RUINED THAnKSGIVING. I called in an escalated all the way. Here's the TRUTH: USAA is just another bank. They market saying they'll have our backs. When the chops are down , USAA DOES NOT HAVE OUR BACKS. I can't even bank. They eill pit a hold on my paycheck today if I deposit it. No one can tell me for how long. No one can help. I have never ever heard this before from USAA. 26+ year member. Every product wirh USAA: mortgage car loan all insurances house and 2 cars. They simply do not care. No Thanksgiving for my family. One week later here we are at next Friday funds still held. No idea when they can be released. I have the check issuing bank ready to verify funds. USAA won't even try for me.
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Now it's Sunday. I hope USAA is enjoying the Thanksgiving weekend. I am not. They froze my money, told me they would not help and left for the holiday I guess.

Hello CodyS32, I understand the seriousness of the situation. I have located your information and will engage a specialist to review the details. Thank you for speaking up today. ~Sarah 

Specialist lied her butt off. First she tried to say releasing mt hold would discriminate against other bank members. Then tried to switch it up. STOP LYING USAA!! I CALLED STOCKMAN THIS CHECK HAS CLEARED YOU HAVE THE MONEY!! THERE IS NO RISK OF FRAUD. I found the law. It's the Expedited Funds Availability Act of 1987.. For an established account its 7 days. 9 maximum. I deposited on 11/19/21. BY LAW YOU MUST RETURN MY MOMEY BY THURSDAY. I'm sure saying Thanksgiving isn't a banking day will make it Friday. Oh remember that everyone here?? I had NO MONEY TO FEED MY CHILDREN ON THANKSGIVING.<br>OH your specialist also told me it doesn't matter that I'm a veteran. She's so out of touch she also told me USAA doesn't care if it's Thanksgiving. Just security. They don't care when they place a hold on all your money. We now know, veterans. I cannot believe this. All those times I defended USAA. YOU HAVE MY MONEY. IT CLEARED.

I understand the seriousness of the situation. I have located your information and will engage a specialist to review the details. Thank you for speaking up today. - Jason

Read up. It sounds silly repeating the same cookie cutter answer. Guess what? The check was always good. Now you're just keeping my money. I am making sure the entire world knows.
Making sure they know you held a perfectly good check and ruined Thanksgiving for a Veteran family. Of course your executive relations team will tell me what they did today: it doesn't matter that you're a veteran. Stockman Bank is awesome. They're getting me the actual night the money left the account and was in USAAs possession so I can see if you were holding my money during my children's very hungry Thanksgiving. I suspect it did clear and you were. You STILL are.
Today, as USAA continues to keep a hold on all my money and IGNORE ME, it's rather comical. They say DEPOSIT RECEIVED as they bounce checks and put the money back in my account. In case anyone was wondering...YEP IT HAS A HOLD ON IT. So if USAA bounces your checks because they have a hold on all your money, don't worry they'll call it deposits but it will still have holds on it. That way they can bounce any other checks or bills you have. I simply cannot wait to speak to regulators of this bank.
BEN NICK RHONDA, ANY NEWS? All the vet customers of USAA, The Conptroller of Currency, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and my lawyer want to know.
Business is closed. Only possible business day all Thanksgiving weekend. NO ONE HELPED. Veterans, no one helped. I am still sitting here with ALL MY MONEY frozen. Sorry, kids. No food this weekend. USAA!!!
Read that and tell me they're not in violation of this settlement decree. They also shut off their payment system a couple months ago and never told me and tried to put a late mortgage payment on me.

Time to contact this Judge and let him know what they're up to lately. That's an October 2020 court case.
They shut it off because first they took double mortgage payments from everyone. I don't know about you but a double mortgage payment would overdraft me every time.
Last year in the pandemic I was a little short one month. NAVY FEDERAL gave me $5000 loan on the spot at a special 6% APR. USAA just puts holds on my money causing massive financial problems. Veterans, consider Navy or US Bank.
Four, count em, returned items now when I have the money but they placed holds on it. This is my same paycheck I've deposited many times from same payroll account. I now have incurred over $120 in fees from returned items. I expect that to be covered by you. I have no money to pay it. You put holds on it all.
Now they're returning my regular bill payments and BOUNCING CHECKS lowering my reputation score with OTHER BANKS TOO. USAA WHAT HAVE I EVER DONE TO YOU?!?! MY ENEMIES TREAT ME BETTER THAN THIS!!!!

@CodyS32, we've received your concerns regarding the hold on your account. Please be assured your comments have been received and are being to the appropriate team for review. I apologize for any inconvenience this matter has caused. Thank you. - Rhonda 

Rhonda, would you call no food for Thanksgiving for your children's holiday meal an inconvenience? Oh wait you already did! It's slightly higher on the list than an inconvenience, Rhonda.
Have your bank put holds on all your funds for Thanksgiving Holiday. Get back to me and tell me it was somewhat inconvenient. Let me be sure. You just said be patient. Pretty hungry to be patient but OK. USAA says wait longer with no idea when relief will be extended. Veterans, PAY ATTENTION!!!
Agree USAA just another bank. I was with them for over 30 years and they threatened to drop me after they said I had five claims not accidents in five years. Prior to getting insurance elsewhere all my homes, cars, rental property credit card etc was with them. No DUIs, speeding tickets, arrests, moving violations, accidents or collisions involving other vehicles or people. No major claims for over twenty years always paid to fix my vehicles and houses out of pocket to keep insurance from skyrocketing. Had the roof replaced once. Last five years I had one accident when I ran into light at my storage unit and they totaled my car and paid me minimum (I don’t know to this day) why they totaled it and sold back to me for $900 and I had repaired for $1200. Their explanation car was a 2006 but had low mileage and well taken care of. One other minor claim was damage to my car when the garage door gave way and fell on my car. The other three were claims for tow service that I paid and asked USAA to reimburse me for. I did not know that requesting tow claims which I pay for with them could be held against me. No major accidents in over 30 years. I called numerous times to discuss to no avail after being put on hold with managers, supervisors etc until finally I had enough and moved on. Really USAA!!!

I am going to forward your account with your concerns for review. While I can't provide a specific time, I appreciate your patience while waiting for a response from this area. - Nick

Nick, I really appreciate you trying to help. I'm sure you're not proud of working at a place that behaves this way! Thank you, Nick! Veteran here. You k ow! USAA (fancy song in the background) we have veterans backs. Oh really? Still waiting with no money to buy food for my children and myself.
All veterans,

If you bank as US Bank they actually care that you served your country. They offer a platinum checking package for free for life for veterans! It's a great option if say USAA puts holds on your money and you can't buy any food for your children for Thanksgiving and USAA says sorry nothing we can do like happened to me.