Fact. I just recorded them on their recorded line. I have 100% PROOF OF THIS. USAA put a hold on my paycheck that I mobile deposit every Fdiday from a local bank in my area. I HAD NO MONEY FOR THANKSGIVING!! USAA RUINED THAnKSGIVING. I called in an escalated all the way. Here's the TRUTH: USAA is just another bank. They market saying they'll have our backs. When the chops are down , USAA DOES NOT HAVE OUR BACKS. I can't even bank. They eill pit a hold on my paycheck today if I deposit it. No one can tell me for how long. No one can help. I have never ever heard this before from USAA. 26+ year member. Every product wirh USAA: mortgage car loan all insurances house and 2 cars. They simply do not care. No Thanksgiving for my family. One week later here we are at next Friday funds still held. No idea when they can be released. I have the check issuing bank ready to verify funds. USAA won't even try for me.


@Cody532, I regret your frustration with the hold on your deposit. I've forwarded your situation to the appropriate area for further review. - Ben 

Ben, so has the executive resolution team. It's a fact. Here we are. USAA made me broke and ruined Thanksgiving for A VETERAN FAMILY!!! They will do absolutely nothing to help. I am in full shock and disbelief.
Hey, Ben. Will YOU call the issuing bank and verify funds in the check. The ISSUING bank is ready to verify the check is good like it always has been from the same payroll account.
Everyone! Pay attention!! This is the part where a veteran needs help. Let's all watch what USAA does.
Calling all Veterans,
It's time to take to the forums. All of them. It's time to let everyone know the truth about USAA. They don't care at all that you're a vet. They behave exactly like a for profit. It's simply time everyone knew the truth about their false advertising having veterans backs. I've been told in the past USAAs top policy is to ignore any policies to help a vet. I'm very sad to see that simply was not true.
All veterans,

If you bank as US Bank they actually care that you served your country. They offer a platinum checking package for free for life for veterans! It's a great option if say USAA puts holds on your money and you can't buy any food for your children for Thanksgiving and USAA says sorry nothing we can do like happened to me.
This hold on my paycheck was last Friday. Here we are 7 days later. I still have no money to buy FOOD for my CHILDREN. It was hungry Thanksgiving for a veteran family. I hope they fix this before my mortgage is due. Then I'll he homeless. My payments are BOUNCING. THEN THEY DING ME FOR IT. They say NSFs hurt and make it lower your score for placing holds. There's NO WAY OUT OF THIS. If I put more money in, yep ITS PUT ON HOLD TOO
Agree USAA just another bank. I was with them for over 30 years and they threatened to drop me after they said I had five claims not accidents in five years. Prior to getting insurance elsewhere all my homes, cars, rental property credit card etc was with them. No DUIs, speeding tickets, arrests, moving violations, accidents or collisions involving other vehicles or people. No major claims for over twenty years always paid to fix my vehicles and houses out of pocket to keep insurance from skyrocketing. Had the roof replaced once. Last five years I had one accident when I ran into light at my storage unit and they totaled my car and paid me minimum (I don’t know to this day) why they totaled it and sold back to me for $900 and I had repaired for $1200. Their explanation car was a 2006 but had low mileage and well taken care of. One other minor claim was damage to my car when the garage door gave way and fell on my car. The other three were claims for tow service that I paid and asked USAA to reimburse me for. I did not know that requesting tow claims which I pay for with them could be held against me. No major accidents in over 30 years. I called numerous times to discuss to no avail after being put on hold with managers, supervisors etc until finally I had enough and moved on. Really USAA!!!