I don't think the purpose of "Overdraft Protection" is cover an automatic transfer.  It appears you were using it for a purpose it was never intended for.   Since the Overdraft protection is meant to protect your against overdraft or return check fees and you didn't have any of those problems, I see no complaint there.

Who is this dstexas person who keeps posting on your behalf, USAA? Thank you, but what you "think " about something you know nothing about does not really matter. Fact is that overdraft protection is supposed to protect you from... well...overdrafting on your account. And it was doin just that for as long as I had it, probably 10 years or more, and then USAA "changed our policy Feb 13." (Note that the quotes are there for a reason b/c that's what the USAA rep said.). So Briana - any insight, or will dsteaxas do the job with a wisecrack?


DSTEXAS is a member, just like you. Any person who responds in the community who is a USAA employee will be clearly labeled as such. Thank you.



You are posting on a public forum.  If you don't like the answers you are getting, you are free to go elsewhere.  

Like you, I am very disappointed in the downturn that this once great company took a few years ago.  The insurance rates are no longer competitive, with my homeowner insurance rising 50% in just one year.  I reluctanly moved on.


I'm disturbed to hear about this overdraft protection policy change.  As you, I assume that this is active for any type of overdraft of my checking account, be it check, transfer, or electronic bill pay.  If it does not, then what is the point?  While not much of an issue for me, I will have to warn my children about this so that they don't get hit with non-payments and subsequent fees.


As for DSTexas, that person is nothing more than a cheerleader, and I suspect a company stooge (paid or unpaid). 


Robles destroyed a once great company.  Good riddance.

"As for DSTexas, that person is nothing more than a cheerleader, and I suspect a company stooge (paid or unpaid)."


I'm just a happy customer that enjoys the priviliges that USAA provides!  Sorry I don't agree with your assessment of USAA, I guess you expect everyone to believe the same as you.


I suppose while we are suspecting, I suspect RobbieW is nothing more than a forum Troll.