Several years ago, USAA made the decision (Joe Robles) to open up membership to a wider range of people, some with only passing affiliation to the military. The original military members meant that USAA could loan money and insure at low risk relative to the general population, depending on the reliability of their customers to pay on time, manage their money well, and avoid undue risk as those insured by the company. The larger pool of potential members means that the risk factors for loan & insurance better approximate the general US population, meaning more risk to USAA, and a resulting decrease in the company's ability to provide great service and attractive banking/insurance options (ex: a recent change to overdraft protection that went into effect 13 Feb 2015 basically nullifies this excellent service completely). USAA had to kill it because the increased risk associated with wider (even non-miliitary) membership demands shuttering particularly risky - but also amazingly convenient - customer services once taken for granted in a once great company. No more. What a shame...


What change to overdraft protection are you referring to?

Dear DGM,

We are so sorry to hear we have let you down lately. We would like to get more details from you on what we can do to be the company you knew and loved. Please send us a message here with some additional details and the best way to contact you and we will be in touch. We look forward to hearing from you. Thank you

Per my conversation with the USAA rep on 7 Mar "our overdraft policy on automatic transfers changed. You must have enough funds in your account at the beginning of the day in which the transfer takes effect or the transfer will be rejected." If I have to have the money in the account to ensure the transaction, then that completely misses the point of having overdraft protection. Yes, a pyment was canclled, one that went through without fail for years. No warning. Nothing. At a minimum, a bank needs to be reliable and not change the rules mid-stream.
And you have all of my contact information in your files, but I will also mention that no one contacted me as the represetative said they would. Very Bank of America way of doing business. The heart of this once great company has drifted from the primary mission.


I am sorry no one has followed up with you. If you could please send us an email at, with your member number and the best way to reach you , we will get someone in touch. Thank you.

Robles has destroyed USAA.  USAA use to be the best compnay, but not since Robles got involved.  A real shame.

Dear Membersince1976,

First, thank you for your long time membership. I am sorry to hear you feel this way. We would love further feedback from you and would greatly appreciate if you took the time to send what would make us the company you once loved here in a message. Thank you.

Left my worrk number. No call. I'm afraid your posts are a diversion... I agree with "mambersince1976" posted above, it is a real shame.


Did you email the [expired link] address? If so I will double check to make sure we received it. Thank you.

And another funny thing: the "days to respond" category on the main site email page (for each email) is blank, as if it's not used anymore.