USAA Notification of Credit Card Cash Back Reduction from 2.5% to 1.5%.

Hello USAA.  Thank you for notifying me that you were reducing the 2.5% cash back on the USAA Visa credit card to 1.5% or less after our many years of business together under the agreement you originally offered.  Under the agreement it is your right to reduce the cash back percentage.  Not surprising considering recent years USAA is more focused on profits for the board and executives than providing consideration for their members.  Apparently it was to your advantage and your choosing to alter the deal that we have had and significantly reduce the cash back on the credit card you issued.  In line with USAA's new posture for profit and greed rather than their founding "mission" to serve the military members/officers.  In response to your action I have opened new lines of credit outside of USAA that provide a similar or higher cash back for purchases (5%+) previously made through your credit card, (4%+) elsewhere, etc..  Why use your CC anymore?  No reason too.

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Hi @CDR J, I can understand your feedback. I will be sure to forward it to the appropriate team to review. I regret that you're disappointed. Thank you for the post. ~Suzy