USAA New Mobile App

I got updated to the new mobile app. All of my tranactions that I have entered are now “gone” (except for USAA transactions). My guess is your database and website designers were not good enough to do this VERY simple data conversion to the new app. Before you “fix” something that wasn’t broken, make sure at least that you are not breaking anything. But I actually thank you. After 37 years with USAA, you have finally given me the motivation I have needed to fully reassess my banking and insurance needs. I’m truly sorry to see a company that I have such a long-standing relationship deteriorate in so many ways. Sad.
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I'm sorry to hear how we've disappointed you, @Mnicklin, as that was never our intention. When the upgrade on the mobile app was completed, the manually scheduled transactions were not transitioned to the new platform, so you would just need to re-enter them. I have provided your feedback to the team that's handling this update, so they'll have it for review. Please don't hesitate to reach out if you have any other questions or concerns. - Cathleen

From your response: “So you just need to re-enter them manually…” makes this sound simple. The dozens and dozens of transactions I already entered manually. Entering them again is not trivial, is time consuming, and really didn’t need to happen. Invest in some new developers, so that upgrades don’t actually represent a degradation in customer service.

Dear @Mnicklin


I can certainly understand your concern. Your feedback is very important to us. We will log your comments. - Jesse